Replacement for the Damaged Art

The monument that belong to my uncle broke when a heavy storm came through the area. This was one of the worst storms to ever happen to us. We were lucky that our house was still intact. A few homes had trees fall on them, and one even resulted in someones death. The monument was put in place many years ago, and now it’s sad to see that it has been destroyed. We had to look for a company that does custom monuments in Morris County NJ to get a replacement monument.

At the time, the old monument was what my uncle could afford, and it served its purpose, but it was fairly standard. There was nothing really special about it that made it stand out in comparison to the other monuments that were surrounding it. We wanted to use this opportunity to get our uncle something better than what he previously had. We put our heads together and thought about what would really make a good monument for him. We thought about everything he liked, everything he did with his life, and even looked at some old photos of him for inspiration, and then we finally came up with an idea.

We told the monument company to make a monument that would look like our uncle, except to give him a suit and a pair of angel wings. The suit was because our uncle used to have this suit that he would wear all of the time and the wings were because he was an angel in heaven now. They were able to grant our request and made one of the most beautiful monuments that we had ever seen. The old monument was cleared away and the new one was put in its place. I hope that the new one doesn’t break.

Author: admin11